"...the audience joined in with singing wonderful patriotic songs which was really enjoyable for all. David was wonderful to work with and adapted the show to meet the level of the audience. Overall, I would highly recommend his show to anyone."

Mr. Dale Kline

Freedom Area School District

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Revive patriotism through patriotic songs for kids

“America the Beautiful,” “The Star Spangled Banner” and even “God Bless America” were at one point on the lips of every elementary school-aged child in America.


Today, schools have made an alarming departure from teaching kids about patriotism, the importance of patriotic music for kids and its place in American culture.

David Jack's SPIRIT OF AMERICA show celebrates patriotism and the patriotic songs for kids associated with it. This inspirational, highly-participatory program instills those once-cherished values back into America's classrooms.Utilizing a visually exciting, multi-media concert format, David takes the students along on a journey through the history of America's music and introduces them to songwriters of America's most famous patriotic songs.


Additionally, he shows kids how this memorable music came about and where it fits into American history. On-screen Song lyrics are provided for the kids (and teachers).


From “Yankee Doodle” to James Brown. From Sousa Marches to Broadway, David Jack injects his young audiences with fun, patriotism & participation.

Spirit of America!

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The Spirit of America lives in your school!



  • The perfect blend of American history and the arts re-kindles a patriotic spirit in your school.


  • Spotlights the importance of America's servicemen and women.


  • Introduces historic figures related to patriotic music.


  • Engages and enlightens through singing and participation.


  • Highlights music related to specific American milestones.


  • No prior knowledge of patriotic music necessary!