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First Post for the New School Assembly Site! NO BORING ASSEMBLIES!

I am so very excited to have a new, easier to navigate, more interesting website for David Jack School Assemblies! We have added new video to the site, new images and more information for teachers, parents, PTAs, PTOs and any other entities that book or arrange school assemblies for elementary age kids. As you can see by the site, we offer the country's foremost anti-bullying assembly and specialize in highly-participatory shows that embody our tagline "NO BORING ASSEMBLIES!"

In this blog area, I will continue to post parenting tips (I think being the father of three kids gives me a certain amount of "expertise.") but would love to hear from you regarding parenting and educational ideas to share with parents around the country.

Our elementary schools and our educational system are facing challenges unseen in our lifetime. It is up to us to share ideas and engage in intelligent discussions to ensure the success of our children as they go through school.

Besides parenting and teacher tips, this area will offer fun ideas, holiday ideas and most importantly school assembly ideas that you can use for your kids' elementary school!

Thanks so much for being a part of SchoolAssembly.net Please use our share buttons throughout the site and tell your friends about us!

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