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Choosing a musical instrument for your child

It is every parent’s dream to see their child perform and play a musical instrument on stage .But how do you persuade your child to discover their musical talents? Performing my Musicmania school assemblies, I often encounter kids who desparately want to play a musical instrument. As parents, what is our responsibility?

Before you encourage your child to play a musical instrument, try asking yourself the following questions. Is this something that your child wants to do? Is this something that they would enjoy? If the answers to these questions are yes, then the next logical step would be to take your child to a music store!

Have them try a few instruments first or you can ask the store manager for help. It is important that your child has a say in which instrument they want to play. Have them try a bunch of things in the store. It will let them have a feel of the instruments and decide if they want to proceed or not. Keep in mind that children have a very low attention span and they lose interest very quickly.

How do you choose a musical instrument for your child?

Assess your child’s character. Is he an introvert? Or the boisterous type? Does she like to take center stage? Encourage them to try a musical instrument that would fit their personality and physical traits. If your child is good with their hands, encourage them to play the the piano or a string instrument. If they like to be the star, have them play the flute. If they like loud music, then the drums would be suitable for them. (But keep in mind that you’ll be hearing them 24 hours a day! -- Like MY parents did!)

However, at the end of the day, let them play what musical instrument they want to play. It is important that you let them decide because they may lose interest after a few weeks.

Consider borrowing or renting the musical instruments first before you jump into a big investment. Be sure to take into consideration what you can afford to rent or buy. You can find many great musical instruments in online auction houses and garage sales. Remember, their interest is overwhelming right now, but may wane in weeks (or even days!)

And lastly, always try to be supportive, even when it just might not be music to your ears.

This said, it helps to commend them after their daily practices so that they know that their musical endeavor is appreciated.

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