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7 Great Holiday and Christmas Activities for Kids for 2017

As the leaves turn beautiful colors of reds, oranges and yellows, I say goodbye to summer and look forward to fall. The days of fall bring pumpkin patches, hay rides and cooler temperatures. I enjoy the crispness of the air and going apple picking and decorating the house for Halloween.

And, then, before I know it, winter is here and it's time to think about the fun, exciting and festive holidays of winter. Winter has always been my favorite time of year bringing friends and families together for celebrations, good food and drink and creating life-long memories. I have my traditional decorations for the tree; the ornaments that my children made, the ones handed down to me from my grandparents and some store-bought. Each year I look forward to finding new ideas to incorporate into my family's traditions. I'm always looking for new holiday and Christmas activities for kids to do.

Here are some ways that I've found that are some new and some old holiday and Christmas activities for kids for 2017.

1.Bake Gingerbread!

You Can't Catch Me I'm the Gingerbread Man! Baking for the holidays is always a favorite activity to do with children. Seeing the looks of excitement on their faces as they watch the cookies come out of the oven is priceless. It's true that baking with kids is always messier than if you baked them yourself but, nothing can compare to the memories you are making that will last a lifetime.

This excellent video takes you step by step through the Gingerbread baking process. We also came across an excellent site with a whole list of holiday and Christmas activities that also includes a Gingerbread House for the Gingerbread Man you and your kids just baked. Take a look at the list here via moneysavingsisters.com

2. Do A "Seek and Find" Christmas Printable!

During the hectic days of running around and trying to get errands done with your children, it's nice for them (and you) to have some down time together. It's easy to turn on a Netflix video or Nickelodeon but wouldn't it be nice to sit with your child for some quiet time?

christmas activities | seek and find activity

Click here for an excellent site with a quiet holiday and Christmas activity for you to do with your child.

3. A Christmas Tree Balancing Activity

Do your kids enjoy gymnastics? As parents we like to offer our children activities in which they show interest. They especially like to tumble and climb and practice balancing. Balancing is an excellent form of exercise to help with large motor skills. Below is a way to incorporate holiday and Christmas ideas for kids with balancing activities.

christmas and holiday balancing activity

Wouldn't it be fun to create an indoor Christmas tree balancing course for your child? On this site they tell you exactly how to do that!

4. Christmas Cup Tower STEM Challenge: Build a Tree!

Children love to use their imagination and build towers, castles, roads, and anything else that they can invent. In addition to having fun they use their fine motor and gross motor skills to conceive their ideas.

holiday STEM activity | christmas STEM activity

Did you ever think of using everyday household drinking cups to create towers? We found a fun site that shows you how to build a Christmas tree from cups!

5. DIY Bird Seed Ornaments

During the holiday season it is always important to teach children about giving to others. This includes the animals that search for food before they hibernate. Aside from throwing bread crumbs on the ground we thought it would be fun to make some hanging ornaments for the birds and squirrels.

diy bird feeder project

The traditional way that I've always done bird feeders was with peanut butter but for those that are allergic to nuts we found a great way of making them without using any peanut products! See how HGTV gives step by step instructions on this process.

6. Make a Santa Envelope Puppet

Is there anything more magical for children at Christmas time than Santa Claus? No, of course not! There is an exciting anticipation counting down the days until he and his reindeer mysteriously bring them gifts. Will Santa grant them the wishes they told him while they sat on his lap? While they count the days till he arrives we thought it would be fun to make a Santa puppet!

santa puppet activity

Children love to engage in fantasy play. One of the ways they enjoy doing that is through puppets. There are a variety of puppets such as finger puppets, hand-held puppets, marionette puppets, etc.

I Heart Crafty Things shows you how to make a Santa puppet from an envelope!

7. "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer had a very shiny nose!" Make Rudolph! ( and his reindeer friends!)

Out of the nine tiny reindeer, Rudolph has always been the most popular! Well of course he is! He has his own song! Children recognize Rudolph as a special character during the holidays. But what about the other reindeer? They play a part in Rudolph's song too! Wouldn't it be nice if the other 8 reindeer got some recognition?

DIY rudolph the red nosed reindeer puppet

While trying to act out a play or song having all of the characters to use makes it more fun. Parenting Magazine shows you how to create all nine reindeer so that your child can imagine that he/she is Santa and he and his reindeer are delivering gifts to all of the children on Christmas!

For a plethora of activities and especially preschool activities, check out my wife's new preschool activity blog Miss Vicky's Class.

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