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The Secret World of Robots 

ROBOT – The mere mention of the word engages, enthralls, entices and excites children of all ages.  In order to meet the 21st century challenge of an emphasis on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), three-time Parents’ Choice Award-winning performer David Jack has created a fantastic new STEM/STEAM School Assembly for elementary school students entitled BOT! – The Secret World of Robots.

robotics for kids robot

This wholly unique show is the perfect combination of entertainment and education rarely found in STEM assembly ideas.   In keeping with David Jack’s company slogan “No Boring Assemblies!” BOT! is chock full of audience participation, humor and a delivers curriculum-based information on robotics for kids  in a fun and interesting way.

The show’s co-star is a “wacky” virtual character named Cozmo who leads David and the students on a high-tech adventure through the exciting world of Robotics.  This high-energy school assembly is rich in multimedia content and offers live, hands-on demonstrations of real live robots currently in everyday use.


Kids love robots!  That’s why we created the show that features robotics for kids.  It’s fun, funny, it’s exciting and high tech, it’s participation, it’s…ROBOTS!!


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