"In today's world of preparing our students for testing, it was nice to see an assembly that allowed our children the opportunity to take pleasure in movement while learning strategies that will assist them!


Michael McGovern,

Principal, Rockaway Twp.


Hip Hop to the Test


Can school assemblies be specifically tailored to STANDARDIZED TEST PREPARATION?

 The answer is YES!


Yes – you heard right!

Hip-hop dance star Reggie Williams presents the first school assembly program for test prep!  Whether the test is the Pennsylvania PSSA test or the PARCC test in NJ or even the NY , DE or CT standardized tests,  your kids will be treated to a total-interactive dance workshop where Reggie demonstrates and leads students in the latest line and hip hop style dances.   Strategically incorporated into the program are proven tools and strategies students can utilize to make test taking less stressful with improved results!


Booking this school assembly spotlights the importance of standardized testing for students in a way that does not make them fearful of the process.


Music, Exercise and participation is key in this unique, “fun-only” k-5 cultural enrichment program. This school assembly can be used throughout the year and is adaptable to ANY setting or need. Two back to back presentations for one price!

The following essential strategies are introduced:


• The importance of getting a good night's sleep and eating a good breakfast on test day.


.• Specific Math-related rules to remember


• Specific English and Reading rules to remember.


• The importance of relaxation during the test.


• Memorizing a mnemonic for test day.


• Age-specific ideas for relevant grades.


• Putting standardized tests in perspective


• Utlizing the latest school-appropriate music engages students effectively.





Call or email anytime using the links above. We're here to answer any questions you might have.  Looking forward to hearing from you!